A Roar Har


Come along with us on our travels to Mexico!  We spend some time with family on the Mexican Riviera, visiting ancient ruins, float down a Mayan canal and go fishing in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere.

Come along with us on our visit to Singapore, where we remark about the heat (a lot), eat tasty foods, explore this wonderful city and even offer a few travel tips!

Hey Folks!  Just added another video of an 8 day Wyoming Road Trip Fluffy and I took in July.  It’s a long one, but there was a lot of ground to cover!  We visited one of my favorite places in Wyoming, called Adobetown and tackled the iconic Morrison Jeep Trail.  Enjoy!

In our latest video, Fluffy Dog and Katie go adventuring in Creede, Colorado.  We visit Wheeler Geologic Area, see a big waterfall and check out some old mining camps.  Happy Trails!

We’ve had a lot of adventures this summer, but the highlight has to be the one we just returned from…Burning Man!  A blog post is in the works, but enjoy this video we made in the meantime! Happy Trails! Katie

The last time I traveled to Mexico, I was 18 years old (yes, that was a loooong time ago).  I traversed the border with my college boyfriend at San Diego to have some drinks and take in the sights of Tijuana.  My short visit did not really leave the best impression.  The things that stick in my brain from that adventure are the extreme poverty, destitute children selling chiclets, places advertising donkey sex… Read More

 “Is it safe to go there?” is the first question people asked when we said we were going to Colombia.  When answered in the affirmative the next question from our genuinely baffled acquaintances was, “Why would you want to go to Colombia?” As lifelong itinerants our incredulous response is always, “Why the heck wouldn’t you go?” Truthfully, I’ve had dreams and eventual plans of going many places in South America, but Colombia was never really on… Read More

It’s Friday which means most of us are waiting for our work day to end so that we can head out for the weekend.  In that light here are some pretty pictures to make 5pm come a little faster.  It’s a Friday Photo Frenzy! This week’s Frenzy is from a trip to Isla Mujers, Mexico that Marybeth took last year.  Hasta luego, mi amigos.