A Roar Har


Fluffy Dog and I take a road trip including tackling Jungo Road and visiting the Black Rock Desert.

It’s hot.  It’s dusty.  It’s amazing!  We have piles of laundry waiting, dust on everything and need to catch up on days of sleep, but part of decompression is sharing our experiences.  On that note, I’ve been procrastinating the unpacking and instead created this video for all of you!   Happy Trails! Katie and MB

Every year, during the blazing heat of summer, a group of artists and misfits gather in the scorching Nevada desert for a week-long celebration of community, humanity and art. They call it Burning Man.

We’ve had a lot of adventures this summer, but the highlight has to be the one we just returned from…Burning Man!  A blog post is in the works, but enjoy this video we made in the meantime! Happy Trails! Katie