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Our parents have been taking us on adventures since the day we were born.  They would load the four kids in the Suburban, hitch the trailer, and head for parts unknown.

“A Roar Har” is a rallying cry, meaning let’s go!  Our dad has been proclaiming that it is time to “A Roar Har” for as long as we can remember.  A trip has not officially begun until the words have been said.  If we had a family crest, this would be our motto.

Our blog is a chronicle of our adventures, together and separately.  We hope you learn some things, get inspired, laugh with us and make plans to “A Roar Har” as you start your next adventure.


Marybeth put Florida in the rearview mirror in 1992 shortly after graduating college.  Having grownup worshiping the LL Bean catalog, she was anxious to have an excuse to wear flannel and sorels and soon found herself in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Five years of being a broke snowboarder lead to a burning desire to have enough money to eat something besides ramen which lead to law school at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.  Eight years of small town living and one law degree later, she made the move to the big city of Denver, Colorado.  After ten years of practicing law, Marybeth decided that having money but no time was bogus and switched careers.  Finally! Work-life balance and some extra cash to gas up the car for the next adventure.


After growing up a beach bum in Florida, Katie high-tailed it to out of there to spend her college years in Colorado.  She still has a place in her heart for the ocean but has fallen in love with the mountains and has made the West her home ever since.  Bouncing between living in Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona afforded her many opportunities for adventure (and sometimes mis-adventure!).  After a long stint in college, she is now working as a veterinarian and is living in the foothills outside of Denver.   She shares her life with 2 cats, 2 horses and one goofy husky mix. Part scientist, part artist and part explorer, Katie has insatiable curiosity about this planet we are blessed to inhabit.  She has her backpack loaded with gear and is ready to Aroarhar!

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